"The greatest benefit from his training is the self-confidence..."
My son has been attending N.A.M.A.I. for four years and is about to test for his Black Belt. The greatest benefit from his training is the self-confidence it has instilled in him. He was a shy person before and with martial arts he has found a way to open up around family and friends. Training provides a away to meet new people and make new friends. There are many other benefits that cannot be described in just a few words!

Matt Farmin Norwalk, OH
Father of Seth Fannin

"...he is more outgoing and laughs with all his friends..."
My son, Jacob started training when he was 6 l/2 years old. Jacob is now ll l/2 years old with a First Degree Black Belt! What a great accomplishment for someone of his age. His success with TaeKwonDo through The North American Martial Arts Institute (N.A.M.A.I.) can also be seen in his study habits and the way he respects those around him. I have watched knowledgable instructors help Jacob achieve all of this and they have also given him a gift... the chance to become a great instructor! Jacob started first grade shy and tentative, now in the sixth grade he is more outgoing and laughs with all his friends. Thanks John & Co.

Lisa A. Meyer Norwalk, OH
Mother of Jacob Meyer

"He looks forward to class..."
Since my son has been attending classes at N.A.M.A.I he looks forward to his class and is more physically active outside of class!

Amy Crouch Norwalk, OH
Mother of Chris Smith

"...helps strengthen their memory skills..."
My husband and I have been very impressed with the Lil Dragons TaeKwonDo program. It helps children to develop skills that they will need to perform well in school and in life. The program teaches such things as focus, self-control, discipline and balance. It also helps strengthen their memory skills which is very useful for the early school years. Our son was quite shy but is becoming more outgoing and self-confident thanks to these classes. We have recommended it to our friends and those who have joined have enjoyed it as well.

Dr. and Mrs. Avendano Norwalk,OH
Parents of Jacob Avendano

"...has more concentration, self-control and discipline..."
Lil Dragons TaeKwonDo has been very beneficial to my son. It has been very evident at home. He has more concentration, self-control and discipline since being in Lil Dragons TaeKwonDo. He has even tried to pass this on to his 2 year old twin brothers. He looks forward to coming to Lil Dragons each week and works on all his skills everyday on his own. Lil Dragons TaeKwonDo has been a very positive influence on him.

Jeff Winslow Norwalk, OH
Father of Noah Winslow

"It's wonderful to have her in an activity that she enjoys..."
Lil Dragons TaeKwonDo has been beneficial for my daughter in many ways. Aside from the discipline, respect, positive attitude and self-control, she has learned more about safety, teamwork, focus, memory and concentration. It's wonderful to have her in an activity that she enjoys and that reinforces the behavoirs we expect at home. It's wonderful that she has this newfound self-confidence and is learning to practice self-defense techniques.

Jennifer Wood (EHOVE Teacher and parent)
Mother of Gabriella Wood

"...has helped the children with their schoolwork..."
Our family has been a customer with The North American Martial Arts Institute in Norwalk for the last year, and the physical and mental benefits have been amazing. We participate in many of the activities available like Cardio Karate, Resistance Training and TaeKwonDo classes. Besides the benefits of learning self-defense and the opportunity to earn belt certifications, an unexpected bonus is the emphasis on Focus, Control, Discipline and Attitude. These are elements the children are taught to exercise in their martial arts training and in all areas of their life. This has helped the children with their schoolwork, other sports like football, basketball and baseball (they are busy kids) and in keeping peace around the house. The children are required to complete a weekly checklist that includes things like doing homework, cleaning their room, brushing teeth and showing respect for friends and family. And the real kicker is the kids are having fun and enjoy the guidance and challenges from the professional staff at N.A.M.A.I.

Tim and Diana Griffin Greenwich,OH
Parents of Megan and Michael Griffin

"...has carried over to their school and other activities..."
During the time our girls have taken training in the Martial Arts, we have noticed an increase in self confidence as well as the acceptance of their own responsibility for their actions. This has carried over to their school and other activities. While This doesn't solve all problems in raising a child - it certainly is a step in the right direction.

Jerry and Donna Waters Norwalk, OH
Parents of Ally and Aubrey Waters

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