Sandusky Advanced Tigers TaeKwonDo Monday

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Date(s) - 07/25/2022
5:10 pm - 5:40 pm

NAMAI Sandusky


The benefits of TaeKwonDo for kids are endless! Below are some of the key areas you can expect your TaeKwonDo student to improve:

  • They become physically stronger, which aids them in daily life.
  • TaeKwonDo isn’t just physical training, it’s mental training.
  • They learn complicated movements, which improves their concentration and memory.
  • They learn to coordinate their bodies.
  • They learn Self-Control.
  • They learn to do as they are asked.
  • They gain the self-discipline to keep going when training is tough.

Another outstanding benefit of TaeKwonDo is that it places a great amount of emphasis on respect and courtesy. Children in TaeKwonDo learn to respect their instructors and respect each other. In time, they learn to respect themselves. They learn to be polite to everyone, even people they may not like — which is a great skill for them to take with them into adult life.

Kids in TaeKwonDo also learn the power of perseverance. They learn that if something is worth achieving, then they have to keep trying — no matter how difficult it may be. They have to face failure and get over it. They need to pick themselves up and try again. And again. And eventually they get it!

Training in TaeKwonDo boosts self confidence and self esteem, which promotes a sense of pride and self achievement.

We’ve seen children become more sure of themselves and gain the confidence to speak in front of the class or perform a difficult pattern in front of a grading panel. They develop the confidence to teach and to nurture the younger kids. In doing so, they learn patience and kindness. Over time, we have seen TaeKwonDo kids develop into calm, self-assured young people. Quietly confident in themselves with high self esteem. People with high self esteem are less likely to get involved in destructive behavior — like taking drugs or alcohol abuse. That quiet, assured, self confidence also means that they are less likely to be bullied at school.


Tigers TaeKwonDo (Ages 6-8)